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August Lily

August Lily or Hosta plantaginea is one of my favorite plants. I love the leaves of this plant and its white, fragrant flowers.
When I was a child one of our neighbors had this lovely plant and I remember how much I used to love it :)
When I went this summer to my grandparents and saw these plants in our garden my heart was filled with joy and sweet memories from my childhood came to my mind :)
Hope you all like the pictures and I wish you a wonderful autumn !


Enjoy The Summer

Blue water, hot sand, sunny weather, wind in your hair, friends around, laughter, joy and a big smile on your face. There’s something magic about summer that makes you freeze those moments in your mind to have them forever.
That moment when you feel so alive, you forget about everything and just have a good time.
Half the summer is gone ! Forget all your worries and have some fun. Take your friends, your family, anyone who makes you happy and enjoy the summer!

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Time To Move On

There comes a time when you realize that nothing is like it used to be. Time goes by and things change, people change but, even though you know deep inside that things will never be the same again…instead of moving on, you hold on to those things like crazy. You don’t want things to change, it scares you because you’re not used to it and it feels safe where you are. But here’s the thing… some things will never be the same no matter how hard you try and how much you hope and wish for them to stay the same or go back to the way they used to be. It’s not your fault, it’s just life. Things change, people move on and there is nothing you can do about it. You need to understand that there are things you can’t control in life. You need to detach emotionally from all those things. Let go and move on.

Stop living in the past. If everything around you moved on why are you still there? Holding on to things that don’t exist anymore it’s not the way to live.

It’s not easy but life’s short! What are you going to do about it? Sit in a corner, stuck in the past and all alone wishing and hoping while life goes by? Or move on to the life you deserve to live? It’s all up to you! You can’t control everything in your life but you can choose the way you react! And each choice you make shapes your life.
Learn from your past! Be thankful for everything in your life. Cherish the wonderful memories, forgive if you need to and move on.

Take this day, take this moment, feel it, live it! It will never come back. Enjoy each and every moment of your life.


10 Ways to Reduce Stress

It’s summer and for most people that means vacation and good times. Here are 10 simple ways for you to reduce stress so you can enjoy life more.

1. Music

Go in your room, shut the door and turn up the music! What kind of music? Well many recommend calm music but I say play whatever music works for you. Really…just listen to anything you like… pop, rock, house, classic, nature sounds…if it makes you feel better. One thing that goes great for me with music is housework or gardening . It makes me focus on other things and relax.

2. Friends

A friendly voice makes wonders when you really need to :) 2 friends even better. Talk, go out,  have some fun or just stay home and watch a film.

3. You

Yes you! Let me say that again… YOU! You are the only person who has the real power. You are what you think. You know all those moments when your mind won’t shut up? All those bad thoughts keep coming and driving you crazy? You have the power to stop it! Focus your mind on something else, it doesn’t matter what just do it! It will take your mind off the problem. And this is very important…each time the thought comes back to your mind…ignore it. Don’t think about it!

4. Learn to let go and move on 

Ask yourself if there it’s something you can do about it. Will that matter in 1 week, 1 month? 1 year? If it doesn’t depend on you, don’t worry about it. Accept things you can’t change. Some things just are the way they are.

5. Solve problems.

Identify those things that stresses you out and eliminate them ! Think about the solutions and not the problems. Don’t amplify. Most of the time things are more simple than we think.

6. Breath

Just stop from what you’re doing and focus your attention on breathing. Ignore and block everything around you that may disturb you. Do that for a few minutes. It will help you relax and clear your mind.

7. Children and Pets

Go and play with your children. Not only will that help you but your children will be happy you spend some time with them. Be spontaneous and let your inner child be free for a while. Don’t have children? Play with your pet. Each time I see my dogs so happy running towards me and jumping I instantly feel better. They are wonderful and faithful friends close to my heart and they always put a big smile on my face.

8. Workout

Why not transform all that bad energy into something positive? Good for the body and good for the mind :) If working out it’s not your thing how about a relaxing massage ? It will loosen up your muscles, relieve tension and improve your mood.

9. Go for a walk

It’s one of the things I love to do. Go alone, with a friend or your pet. A simple walk can help you calm down, free your mind and bring back the good energy.

10. Laugh

It improves your mood in a second! Read more here


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