Happy Easter Everyone !

Made this lovely card last night. I wish you and your family Happy Easter !  :)

Sunny Sky And Tulip

Morning Glow


Stay true to yourself

Looking around I see many people who are trying to be someone they’re not just to fit!
You know what people say that attitude is everything? Well they are right. Having an attitude it’s great. And this includes posture and the way you look! The way you walk, the way you talk and pretty much every gesture you do… body language.
You’re walking shy and looking down like you’ve lost your hope but what you really want to do is walk like the whole world is yours and you’re in control.
And only you have the power to make that happen. You know what they say some people brighten a room when they enter and some when they leave.

I’ve always admired my dance teacher. When she enters the room she doesn’t have to say anything but the way she walks and looks instantly makes everyone look at her …and when she smiles and starts talking the atmosphere in the room gets so positive and full of life!

What’s her secret? …well she’s just being herself. She loves what she’s doing and it shows in everything she does. And this is the most important thing. By trying to look more confident some will try to copy and transform into another person. Having an attitude and being confident doesn’t mean transforming in something you are not. You don’t just press the confidence button when you need it.
Fake it till you make it works most of the times but if it makes you someone you’re not it’s not ok. It’s like wearing some clothes you don’t feel good in but you wear them because you think they will make you look better in the eyes of other people.

You are unique! Stand up tall, stay true to yourself. Be spontaneous do what you love and enjoy every day. If you’re feeling happy with who you really are people will see that.

Accept your mistakes. Nobody’s perfect and today is another day! Focus on positive things and move on. And most important… don’t let anyone define you. Surround yourself with the right people and dismiss the ones who try to limit you. Don’t let criticisms bring you down. It’s your life, your destiny. Take control of your life and spend it the way you want not how others tell you.

Sun Is Up

A wonderful view from this morning :)
Today will never happen again so live each moment and enjoy it !

Waiting For Spring To Come

Hi everybody! Hope you all have a wonderful spring !
It’s cloudy and rainy where I am and I haven’t seen the sun in …I don’t even remember how many weeks :)

Here’s a lovely picture from last year. I love rain but can’t wait for everything to be green and have sunny days again :)

I wish you all a wonderful weekend ! Spend every day in a way that makes you happy and make each moment count!

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