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Back To Basics – Try this when nothing works !

You know how you sometimes struggle to get through something and you can’t actually make it? You try this, you try that but you’re not satisfied? And you ask yourself why isn’t this working? You’re doing all the right things right?! You already have experience and you’ve done this a thousand times, it’s all automatic now. You know what you’re doing but you don’t get the results that you want so you keep on stressing out trying to figure out what’s wrong. And by doing so complicating things even more.

When you’re doing something for a long time, everything becomes automatic and you tend to do things faster. The thing that happens in this process is that you jump a few steps, miss important details, forget the real purpose, true values and ignore valuable information.

In time it gets overwhelming and you might get lost. And sometimes no matter how good you think you are and how many times you succeeded, jumping those basic steps might make the difference between failure and success.

Refocus your attention on what’s really important! Go back to basics. See what’s missing. You might find out the answer was always there and very simple. Simplicity works sometimes better than anything.


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