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Back To Basics – Try this when nothing works !

You know how you sometimes struggle to get through something and you can’t actually make it? You try this, you try that but you’re not satisfied? And you ask yourself why isn’t this working? You’re doing all the right things right?! You already have experience and you’ve done this a thousand times, it’s all automatic now. You know what you’re doing but you don’t get the results that you want so you keep on stressing out trying to figure out what’s wrong. And by doing so complicating things even more.

When you’re doing something for a long time, everything becomes automatic and you tend to do things faster. The thing that happens in this process is that you jump a few steps, miss important details, forget the real purpose, true values and ignore valuable information.

In time it gets overwhelming and you might get lost. And sometimes no matter how good you think you are and how many times you succeeded, jumping those basic steps might make the difference between failure and success.

Refocus your attention on what’s really important! Go back to basics. See what’s missing. You might find out the answer was always there and very simple. Simplicity works sometimes better than anything.


You Want It? It’s All Up To You

It’s January the 1 of 2015 and right now you’re probably recovering after all that party ! Good. I’m probably doing the same thing. But you can’t really help thinking about 2015 can you? You did this in the last days of 2014 too…you know those thoughts about what you did in 2014 and how is 2015 going to be?

Things you want to do? All those hopes and dreams you wish they will come true? Whether it’s achieving something you want, making changes you’re afraid of, getting in the best shape of your life or starting your own business, you can’t really help not thinking about them. Well the question  you should be asking yourself it’s not  “will it happen?”, the right question is “are you ready to put the effort needed to achieve it?” We all want so many things but become so lazy when we have to work for them. So you postpone it ….sometimes forever. The thing is no one will come and do things for you. Procrastinating won’t get you results. You need to do it. It’s simple. If you want to achieve something…work for it. You choose how your 2015 it’s going to be and how much you will accomplish.

It’s all up to you. If you don’t take action, sitting and dreaming won’t get you very far. Yes it’s ok to dream, it’s actually great to have dreams but they won’t  turn to reality if you don’t put a little effort. If you want to have that great body in 2015 don’t just sit and wish…go work for it.  Stick with it , workout out every week and eat healthy and you will see results. Whatever dream you have…seriously work for it!

Yes it’s not easy, if it were easy, everyone would do it. There will be bumps on the road, there will be people trying to drag you down, people who will think you’re insane and  try to make you change your mind, or think you won’t make it  but… where will you be and what will you accomplish if you listen to all those people trying to drag you down? Certainly not what you wish!

Think about it. So how bad do you want it? Are you ready to reach your goals? If so…well you have 365 days to make them real.


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